Pre Sales Tracker

Don't just canvass - Be in control of your entire sales process.


What is PST (PreSalesTracker)?

Simply put, PST is a cloud-enabled web app that lets sales managers track,
manage and coach sales reps as they canvass neighborhoods for potential leads.

Maximize Your Markets

How do you know when to move on from a dried-up neighborhood?
Are you missing opportunities in good neighborhoods?

We can show you how to maximize your canvassing efforts!

Employee Accountability

Do you know EXACTLY what is happening in the field?
How are your sales reps spending their time?

We have a solution for you!

Sales Training

Why do some sales reps sell so much?
Can you identify your sales reps' weaknesses and know how to help them?

We give you the tools you need for better sales training!

Maximize Your Markets

Using the power of PST, you can adjust your canvassing strategy in real-time. No more waiting for sales reports at the end of the day to see where your best leads are coming from. See every result from every knock and react quickly.

Complete Picture

Don't guess at what is going on in the field. See a live, color-coded map and activity feed that shows what is happening now. Get the complete picture of your company's performance and quickly identify which neighborhoods have dried up as well as which ones are producing great results.

Case Study:
Hear why Elbert Construction uses PST to maximize the software they aleady use every day. Watch Now

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Employee Accountability

Non-active Users

Tired of constantly calling your reps in the field to see what they are doing? With PST you can quickly see when the last time each rep was active in the field. See where they are and how they are performing today without ever leaving your chair.

Lead Follow-up

Not only can you easily assign office leads to sales reps directly from PST but you can also use it to see when they actually showed up to the appointment with your potential customer. Never lose a sale again due to a forgotten appointment!

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Better Sales Training

Have you ever wondered why some sales reps work so hard but just can't seem to produce the same sales numbers as the top reps? So have we! And that's exactly why we have designed PST to help you quickly identify where in the sales process your weaker reps are falling apart.

How It Works

Our unique Sales Board Report lets you compare and contrast the detailed stats of each sales rep on your team. This allows you to see at what point in the sales process your sales reps start to diverge. Are your weaker reps not closing deals because they don't close well or are they simply just not showing the product demo that they're supposed to be showing? With PST you can have that information and offer better training to your reps!

Case Study:
Listen to how a sales manager from Elbert Construction uses PST to customize his training with his sales reps.

Is it easy to use?

Yes, but don't just take our word for it - see it in action here

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Pre Sales Tracker

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